Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How Can Your Diet Improve Your Asthma?

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”-Voltaire.

Diet plays a big part in our lives; whatever we eat, our bodies use to build cells muscles etc... (You’ve heard the old saying you are what you eat).

But unfortunately with the change in our eating habits over these past decades we can see that our health has started to decline in proportion to it. Suddenly new diseases and health conditions have appeared that nobody ever heard of.

But why?

We no longer live off the land as we once did eating our fresh crops or cooking from fresh ingredients but have become more inclined to going for the convenience of ready made and packaged foods which we have no control over what goes into them.

Also, with farmers having to overproduce crops to make a living nowadays only a few minerals are put back into the land through fertilizers. As each new crop is taken out of the ground the majority of important nutrients ands minerals are decreasing with every crop. Each one of those missing nutrients has an important part to play in our bodies so as the levels in our bodies is reduced the less performance we get back and the more our body has to scavenge from other areas.

The best explanation I heard for this is to…

“Picture an assembly line that’s making TV sets. The TV assembly line has 5 people working on it and they each add one part. One adds the tube, one adds the buttons, one adds the electrics, one adds the part for the Ariel and the last puts it together and tests it. As the day goes on, the one in charged of the buttons notices that they don’t have enough buttons to do the full days work. There’s none in stock but she can’t stop the assembly line and so the TVs are now made now with no buttons. The TVs now aren’t working properly because all the parts aren’t there; this continues through the week each assembler running out of parts and work continuing on with out stopping. By now the TVs don’t look like TVs anymore and there’s no chance they’ll ever work like TVS.”

Unfortunately your body can’t call time, and let you know that something’s missing. That is until it’s too late and it starts to break down with some illness or disability. To be continued,

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